A ball bearing with Chevron Lubricant

Come to Us for Quality Chevron Lubricants

In our many decades in business, we have found that Chevron lubricants run better, faster, and longer. Woodhull Oil Co. is proud to be a marketer of quality Chevron lubricants, which work well with all kinds of machines, equipment and engines. Without them, those machines would seize up and work production would come to a screeching halt. Why risk this? And why risk adding a subpar lubricant to all your expensive equipment? We have worked with Chevron products for many years and know they work the best. From highway heavy-duty and engine oils to industrial and hydraulic oils, we offer it all, including:

  • Engine oils
  • Fuel additives
  • Coolants and antifreeze
  • Greases
  • Hydraulic oils
  • Industrial oils
  • Transmission/gear oils

Our Chevron lubricants are designed for heavy-duty diesel vehicles and equipment, as well as industrial machinery. So, if you’re a farmer, construction foreman, or industrial plant operator, you will want to partner with us for the very best brand in lubricants today: Chevron.

Industries We Cater To

In addition to lubricants, we also offer Tankwagon fuel and Diesel Xtreme as we happily serve the following industries with our high-quality lubricants:

  • Manufacturing
  • Bulk plants
  • Retail
  • Industrial
  • Agricultural
  • Construction

To prevent seizures of your machinery from happening, partner with Woodhull Oil Co. for all your lubricants, oils and convenient deliveries throughout Illinois and beyond.

Remember, one phone call to us can set you on a schedule for lubricant delivery whenever you need it. Depend on our 4th generation company that owns and operates four companies: Bolduc Ag, Bolduc Transportation, BP Express Lane, and Woodhull Oil, which serve all our lubricant markets.

Why You Need Chevron Lubricants

There are many reasons to choose Chevron lubricants, aside from the fact that the products are from a proven, reputable and time tested company. You need Chevron lubricants because they:

Pumps at a Chevron station where you can get Chevron Lubricants
  1. Reduce Downtime and Maintenance Costs: It’s a simple fact that well-lubricated equipment runs longer and more reliably. When you add Chevron lubricants, you don’t have to stress over possible interrupted operations for maintenance and repairs.
  2. Keep Friction to a Minimum: Quite simply, lubricants prevent metal-on-metal contact between moving parts, resulting in smoother operation and longer life span for your equipment.
  3. Protect Your Equipment: The protective layer provided by lubrication prevents corrosion and rust.
  4. Improve the Reliability of Your Machinery: Lubrication helps equipment do its job more consistently, for longer periods, and more effectively.
  5. Enhancing Temperature Control: Our lubricants absorb heat, so it stays off of surfaces.

Let Woodhull Oil Co. provide you with Chevron lubricant to keep you moving!

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Curious to learn more about the Chevron lubricants we sell? Just contact us at 309-334-2153. We are located at 222 E 4th Street in Woodhull, IL.