Fuel Contracts

Fuel Contracts You Can Depend On

With the volatility in the diesel markets over the last ten years, we recommend that businesses manage their fuel purchasing like they would manage their 401k. You should always be diversified in your fuel purchases, and Woodhull Oil Co. offers that diversification. We handle all your fuel contracts, so you are never without the fuel products you need. Furthermore, we make sure you get the best market price on all kinds of fuel, from diesel and commercial fuel to lubricants and oil. Large trucks and machinery require the use of diesel fuel to operate. Obtaining that fuel when you need it can be a hassle, especially if you have to stop production to get it yourself. Here at Woodhull Oil Co., we bring the fuel to you with exceptional fuel packages and contracts you can rely on.

Price and Inventory Management

  • Price Management: Managing the price of your inventory is also critical. If you have too much fuel in inventory and the market drops in price, you will lose money on existing inventory. But if the market rises and you do not boost your fuel inventory, potential income is lost.
  • Inventory Management: It’s essential to manage your inventory correctly. If you run out of fuel, this can translate to lost sales and customers. On the other hand, if you have too much fuel in inventory, your money is unnecessarily tied up. You need to strike a good balance, which is where we come in.

Our Fuel Products

  • On-Road and Off-Road Diesel
  • Gasoline
  • Biodiesel
  • Ethanol
  • Premium Diesel & Winter Diesel Blends
  • Winter Additives
  • Lubricants
  • Oils
  • Greases

Contract Options

Fix Pricing Contract

Secure a price per gallon for the duration of the contract period.

Maximum Pricing Contract

Take advantage of possible price declines during the contract period. By paying a nominal fee, your cost effectively has a ceiling – a rate it will not exceed – but no floor. If fuel costs go down, so will your price.

Markets We Serve

  • Fuel Contracts


    Diesel, biofuel and other fuel products help power the tractors and machinery that contribute to the every-day function of a farm.

  • Fuel Contracts


    Gasoline, lubricants and diesel fuel are king in the commercial industry. From long-haul trucking to heavy machinery, fuel and related products are necessary.

  • Fuel Contracts


    Lubricants, biofuel, ethanol and more help keep industrial businesses, warehouses and factories running.

  • Fuel Contracts


    The trucks and heavy equipment used in the construction industry are powered by diesel fuel, lubricants, gasoline and more.

  • Fuel Contracts


    Modern trains don't run on coal; it's all about diesel fuel now! Not to mention the lubricants and other fuel products required for the upkeep of railyards.

  • Fuel Contracts

    Power & Electric

    Most oils and biofuels can have their energy utilized for use in keeping your power grid up and running. You have fuel to thank for your electricity.

  • Fuel Contracts

    Recycling & Landfills

    Different fuel types can help contribute to the recycling process. Furthermore, with biofuel and oil, landfill waste can be converted to usable energy.

  • Fuel Contracts


    The upkeep of boats, large and small, utilizes lubricants, gasoline, oil and other related products.

  • Fuel Contracts


    With the right fuel contracts, municipalities can stay efficient and functional through a reliable source of various fuel and related products.