Fuel suppliers delivering fuel in a tankwagon during winter

We are Trusted Fuel Suppliers in IL & IA

When you need bulk fuel delivery for your construction site, manufacturing plant, farm, landfill or other sites, lean on Woodhull Oil Co. for consistent, skilled and affordable services. We provide onsite fuel delivery to customers throughout Western Illinois and Eastern Iowa, including on-road diesel, off-road diesel, gasoline and lubricants. From agriculture and railroad delivery to power and electric delivery, we cater to various industries when it comes to supplying fuel at a consistent market price. Choose Woodhull Oil Co. as your trusted fuel suppliers.

We offer the following products:

Plus, we supply and install tanks and pumps to meet the needs of your business.

Speaking of business, we supply the following industries with fuel:

  • Power and electric
  • Windmill farms
  • Railroads
  • Industrial plants
  • Recycling and landfills
  • Agriculture
  • Manufacturing
  • Commercial
  • Retail
  • Bulk plant

Ready to get started? Call us to create a schedule of fuel deliveries to meet your unique needs. Our family-owned, 4th generation company owns and operates three companies: Bolduc Ag, Woodhull Oil, and Bolduc Transportation, where our fuel suppliers come in.

Why Do You Need Regular Fuel Supply Services?

There are many reasons, in fact:

1. You are Assured of Accuracy: Woodhull Oil embraces the use of the latest technology to ensure accuracy throughout the process, offering remote fuel level monitoring, detailed data on fuel usage, and logistics tracking.

2. You Get a More Streamlined Process: Our fuel delivery will streamline your daily operations because you don’t have to waste time scouting out fueling stations, forcing a stoppage of production at your site.

3. You Receive Consistent Services: You want to keep fueling costs down. This is made easier when you partner with a single fuel source, as you can enjoy more consistent service over time.

4. You Save Money Over Time: When fuel is delivered to your location by trusted suppliers regularly, this frees you up to plan ahead and better manage your site operations. Why pay more for fuel when you have to transport your fleet to a station to do that? Then, if you run out of fuel without a plan for refueling, you’ll face a lot more hassle and expense to make it right.

Fuel Suppliers in Illinois filling up a tankwagon

Rest assured, our tankwagons can get to your site quickly and efficiently whenever you need us, so you don’t have to hassle with where your next supply is coming from.

Contact Woodhull Oil Co.

Eager to learn more about what we do as fuel suppliers? Just contact us at 309-334-2153. We are located at 222 E 4th Street in Woodhull, IL.