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Refill Your Gasoline Supply Fast and Affordably

Vehicles across the U.S. run on gasoline. It’s what gets us to work on time or delivers us to our destination. Gasoline is intrinsic to our daily lives and thus is so essential to have access to. And thanks to Woodhull Oil Co., you can get the gasoline you need, fast and at a rate you can afford.

Woodhull Oil Co. sells much-needed fuel products to industries and sellers within 50 miles of Woodhull, IL. If you live in Davenport IA, Moline IL, Monmouth IL, Galesburg IL, Knoxville IL, Peoria and other surrounding communities, Woodhull Oil can come to you. Convenience is the key when it comes to fuel sales and delivery, and that precisely what our company strives to provide you.

Gasoline and the Difference Between Unleaded and Premium

If sitting at the pump, you would naturally think something that says “premium” is the best option for your vehicle, correct? However, the real answer is a bit more complicated. In many cases, premium gas has its benefits for your vehicle. However, you might not realize that there’s not all that much a difference between the two types.

  • What’s the Difference?: Much of the difference between premium and unleaded gasoline is the octane ratings of each. Unleaded lands near 87 and premium goes from 91 to 93. To better understand what this means, octane levels are in reference to how much oxygen fuel contains. Oxygen helps to keep gas from prematurely lighting in the engine, otherwise known as “knocking.”
  • Why Would You Need Premium?: The only real reason a vehicle would need premium gasoline is if it’s more prone to knocking. While occasional knocking isn’t much of an issue, too much can lead to excessive wear on your engine and eventual engine failure. However, vehicles that are more likely to knock without the right fuel mixture will note this in the operation manual, recommending premium gasoline options.
  • What Does This Mean for Most Vehicles?: Ultimately, unless your car, truck or SUV recommends explicitly using premium fuel, unleaded is your best option. It’s the most affordable gasoline and will provide the same advantages as any other typical gasoline products. And with today’s modern engines, knocking is becoming less of an issue. Eventually, premium gasoline may become entirely unnecessary for newly manufactured vehicles.
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Who Needs Gasoline the Most?

While most large machinery and commercial trucks take advantage of diesel fuel, you’ll find gasoline is most useful for privately owned vehicles. Gas costs keep it within a reasonable range for the average individual or family to afford. And your average cars or trucks don’t need the extra power and additives that commercial machinery requires. Thus, you’ll most commonly find gasoline at gas stations and rest stops throughout the country. And as an owner of one of these businesses, Woodhull Oil can provide you with some of the best-produced gasoline locally available. Woodhull Oil is happy to oblige, whether looking for a one-time bulk purchase or needing to set up a fuel contract.

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