A man fueling his truck with premium diesel fuel

Premium Diesel Fuel: Fueling Your Success

Making sure your diesel engines operate at peak efficiency is almost a full-time job. A lot can impact your business, from sticky injectors to pump failures to premature filter plugging. To combat those issues, we offer the most technologically advanced premium diesel fuel on the market today: PowerMax. Available on and off-road, PowerMax is a wise choice for all kinds of diesel engines. Here at Woodhull Oil Co., we offer this product for various industries, such as agriculture, commercial trucking, and construction. Keep your hard-working diesel engines running longer and more efficiently with premium diesel fuel like PowerMax.

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Why You Need Premium Diesel

  • Keeps your entire fuel system clean
  • Provides an added layer of moisture control
  • Contains thermal and oxidative stabilizers
  • Lubricity extends pump life
  • Corrosion inhibitors protect metal
  • Smooth, fast ignition

Most construction and farm engines take diesel fuel. But why?

1. Safety: Diesel fuel is less likely to blow when coming into contact with heat like gasoline will. It also won’t release as many fumes as gas does.

2. Reliability: Diesel engines can last a long time because they don’t need a high-voltage ignition system, provided they get the proper maintenance and inspections.

3. Better Fuel Economy: Diesel fuel offers more usable energy than standard gasoline, resulting in better gas mileage.

4. Easy to Come By: Diesel fuel is readily available and deliverable.

5. Power: More torque, which allows your engine to handle heavier towing.

Our Woodhull Oil division handles all diesel fuel deliveries throughout Illinois and the rest of the country, selling and delivering premium diesel fuel, which keeps your engines running at peak efficiency. If you own trucks, trains, boats, barges and farm equipment, you need easy access to diesel fuel. Enlist our help for that.

A diesel engine powered by premium diesel fuel

Getting access to the kind and amount of fuel you need, when you need it, can be a hassle. But here at Woodhull Oil, we provide terminal, truck stop, convenience, bulk plant, and manufacturing and factory delivery of PowerMax Premium Diesel. This vital transportation fuel boasts many performance, efficiency, and safety features. Plus, it has a greater energy density than other liquid fuels leading to more useful energy per unit of volume.

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