Diesel fuel is necessary for many industries. From powering your machinery to fueling your trucks, you depend on quick and easy access to diesel. And Woodhull Oil Co. can provide that access.

Additionally, we provide premium diesel fuel, known as PowerMax. You’re sure to improve the efficiency and longevity of your machines and vehicles through the use of our diesel.



As the most common type of fuel, gasoline is primarily used for fueling cars, trucks, SUVs and other vehicles for personal use. If you own a gas station or private fuel pump, Woodhull Oil Co. can deliver and refill your gasoline reserves.

We can set up fuel contracts that are flexible with your budget and schedule, so you never need to worry about running out of gasoline ever again.


Renewable Fuels

Biofuel and Ethanol are the primary renewable fuels we offer. An alternative to diesel, biofuel has many uses throughout numerous industries. And the chemical compound of ethanol has more use as an additive to other forms of fuel.

Whether you’re looking for an alternate fuel source or an environmentally-safe additive for your fuel, Woodhull Oil Co. has the production and transportation to meet your demands.


Fuel Additives

Ultra low sulfur diesel (ULSD) can be hard on your equipment’s fuel systems if left untreated. Fuel additives maximize lubricity and prevent clogging & plugging of fuel injectors and filters.

Learn more about how Fuel Additives can protect your equipment and let Woodhull Oil Co be your guide in maximizing efficiency.



Much of the machinery involved in vehicles and heavy equipment won’t run properly without the use of lubricants. In industries where lubricants are required, its job is to ensure engines, machinery and more don’t incur much wear and tear due to the friction of parts.

With Woodhull Oil Co., we can directly deliver lubricant products to your business, so you can continue running your operation smoothly and efficiently, without interruption.


DEF - Diesel Exhaust Fluid

In addition to diesel fuel, Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) is a crucial element needed to fully power your fleet. DEF is a non-toxic solution that breaks down harmful nitrogen oxide (NOx) created by diesel engines and helps to create cleaner emissions.

Help contribute towards a cleaner and greener environment with the high quality DEF offered by Woodhull Oil Co.