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Reputable Commercial Fuel Suppliers in Illinois & Iowa

Do you work in the commercial sector? You likely need consistent, affordable and timely fuel deliveries to your construction or other commercial sites. We can help with that. We are Woodhull Oil Co., and you can count on us for consistent, skilled and affordable services when it comes to onsite commercial fuel delivery to customers throughout Western Illinois and Eastern Iowa. To get bulk fuel delivery for your construction site, manufacturing plant, landfill or other sites, you only have to give us a call to schedule an appointment. Never worry where you will get your next source of commercial fuel! Lean on us as your reputable commercial fuel suppliers throughout Illinois and beyond.

Benefits of Regular Commercial Fleet Fueling

With our regular delivery of commercial fleet fueling, you get:

1. Fair Prices for Quality Fuel: When you know you can rely on commercial fuel suppliers that come to you, you don’t have to drive around and shop for the best deals at any given time. Because fuel quality and costs fluctuate, it can be challenging for you to anticipate prices. Our commercial fuel delivery service takes the guesswork out of your budgeting process.

2. On-Time Daily Fueling Service: You get the fuel you need, despite the weather and other factors. Let us protect your fleet from time-wasting delays caused by fuel availability issues.

3. Detailed Fuel Management Reports: Accountability is critical if you want to manage your fleet effectively. Get detailed fuel management reports so you can track consumption.

4. Improved Fleet Efficiency: You know better than anyone that idle time spent fueling results in wasted time, causing delays and conflicts. With the proper fueling schedule in mind, your management team can focus on growing your business rather than worrying about getting fuel.

Commercial Fuel Products We Offer

Additionally, we supply and install tanks and pumps to meet the needs of your business. Rest assured, our tankwagons can get to your commercial site quickly and efficiently whenever you need us, so you don’t have to hassle with where your next supply is coming from.

Industries We Supply with Commercial Fuel

  • Manufacturing
  • Commercial
  • Power and electric
  • Windmill farms
  • Railroads
  • Industrial plants
  • Recycling and landfills
  • Agriculture
  • Retail
  • Bulk plant
The pump of a gas station filling a car, provided by Commercial Fuel Suppliers

Start by calling us to establish a contract for commercial fuel deliveries to meet your unique needs. Our family-owned, 4th generation company owns and operates three companies: Bolduc Ag, Woodhull Oil, and Bolduc Transportation, where our commercial fuel suppliers come in.

Contact Woodhull Oil Co.

To learn more about what we do as commercial fuel suppliers, just contact us at 309-334-2153. We are located at 222 E 4th Street in Woodhull, IL.