Fuel Additives

Fuel Additives to keep your business running smoothly

Ultra low sulfur diesel (ULSD) is better for emissions, but the process to develop ULSD can strip away the natural lubricity of petroleum & diesel fuel. This decreased lubricity can lead to clogging & plugging of your equipment’s injectors and filters.

To prevent this expensive wear and tear on your equipment, Woodhull Oil Co offers fuel additives to help keep your equipment running at peak efficiency. We carry a full line of both summer and winter performance additives by Schaeffer.


4 Advantages of Fuel Additives

  1. Increased Lubricity Protection: We offer additives that surpass industry standards for fuel lubricity and emissions and provide extra protection against fuel system wear and injector scoring.
  2. Consistent Fuel Quality: Left untreated, fuel quality can quickly deteriorate. Our fuel additives help disperse moisture and increase lubricity, ensuring better fuel economy and greater equipment performance and horsepower.
  3. Better Cold Weather Performance: In winter months, untreated ULSD is prone to gelling. Our fuel additives providing maximum protection against fuel gelling, waxing, and fuel line freeze-up for easier cold weather startup.
  4. Reduces Emissions: Less soot and carbon buildup means a cleaner fuel system that releases fewer emissions and exhaust smoke.

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